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We are a Saudi company specialized in fleet management and private or governmental vehicle solutions based on Artificial inelegance technologies .

Managed by an elite of Saudi ambitious talents and we are a branch of Deyarat Trading (closed joint stock) company a pioneer company in roads and traffic and security technologies also medical and food industries since 1988

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Weight calibration service

We present the service of calibrating the weight sensor readings in our trucks state of the art scales which will reduce your truck integration requirement fulfillment time to only one day and save you a trip to a truck weighing station with a full load and insure that all your readings are accurate.

Tracking and protection of private cars service

You can see the current location and speed and stopping places on a live feed and you can add security measures like a driver picture and engine stopping remote order and crash alert all in an application on your phone.

Complete fleet management systems

Complete systems including tracking technologies and costumed reports on your fleet statues including maintenance and usage also security technologies that can prevent theft and assaults on your cars.

Trucks Operation card issuance

We assist you to fulfill track operation card requirements complying with the saudi general transportation authority's regulations in a high quality and short time with a reasonable cost.

System features

we provide our services in any of our approved service points across the kingdom or by sending our team to your location

Tracking systems and fleet management at Tatweer House help you and we provide you with a price request form We strive to satisfy you with our services. For inquiries, contact us

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